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Week of 4/18-Getting it done

April 20, 2011

Last week, I didn’t get it done. I made my Monday workout and that was about it.  But the good news, I was super productive and crossed a bunch of things off my “to-do before graduation” list.

Monday (4/18)- 1000 meter swim

Tuesday (4/19)- rest

Wednesday (4/20)- 3 mile run with team Luna Chix

Thursday (4/21)- Bodyrock workout

Friday (4/22)- 1000 meter swim

Saturday (4/23)- Bodyrock workout

Sunday (4/24)- Happy Easter!

The next 3 weeks are going to be filled with tying up odds and ends with school. I’ll be finishing up my clinical hours, studying for finals, and conducting a mock final trial. Although I am struggling to make training/working out a priority right now, I am thankful anytime I take 30 minutes or an hour to myself to sweat and clear my head. I often beat myself up if I miss a workout, but that negative energy does not add anything positive to the situation. These next 3 weeks I am working on cutting myself some slack!

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