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My tire

November 29, 2011

Law school may have done a number to my waistline, but at least over the course of those three years, I managed to work out and eat relatively healthy. Then I studied for and took the bar exam, moved, and started a new job all over the course of three months. Full fat lattes multiple times a week, desserts every night, chips for snacks, I was eating my feelings. I didn’t just fall off the healthy lifestyle bandwagon, I leaped.

Despite my attempts to get back on, I have failed miserably, and I feel it. My clothes are tighter. The scale tells me I could stand to lose a good fifteen to twenty pounds. Worst of all, I feel frumpy. I find myself pulling thick sweaters or blazers out of the closet every morning in an attempt to cover my “tire.”

I know my diet needs to be tightened, but with the holidays, I realize that probably is not going to happen. My next solution is to join a gym. Working out at home just does not work for me. I try, I really do, but I have found that I just need somewhere to go. I hesitated joining a gym in our new home town because there isn’t really anything here. I live in a smallish, blue collar town. There isn’t a fancy schmancy all-kinds-of-amenities gym here. I really want to do CrossFit, but the nearest box is an hour and half away. Bummer.

However, I recently discovered that the local Snap Fitness has a designated CrossFit room. Tomorrow, I’m hauling my butt to Snap and signing up for a membership. Time to start deflating this tire.

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